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Playing a vital role in the production of some of the most comprehensive culinary events in the South, Sherri Verret combines her broad experience in culinary events, planning, and marketing to close relationships with chefs and restaurateurs.  

We have a wealth of experience providing clients with a unique combination of event management, planning and production services working with clients big and small. For over 13 years, we’ve been in the event business, supplying services like:

  • Event Production and Post-Production Services

  • Sponsorship Content Activation

  • Sponsorship Retention

  • Lighting, Sound and Stage Design

  • Travel Logistics

  • Event Planning and Management


Lead generation, lead scoring, lead nurturing, email marketing, a CRM System, sales pipeline and analytics so you can manage business all in one place.​

Email Marketing

Create a series of drip emails to potential customers/clients. 

CRM System

Manage all data from prospect, lead or customer in one database. Customizable forms provide information where small business owners and nonprofit executives can learn vital information about potential and current customers.


Beautiful websites made on easy to use platforms, ensuring business owners can update with news, prices, awards or promotions. 

All websites are designed for optimal search engine optimization (SEO) so your prospects, leads and customers can easily find your presence on the web. 

We also add analytics plugins so you 

can tell where your prospects, leads and 

customers are coming from and 

which of your marketing efforts are

producing the best return on your investment.


Providing a complete range of operational specialties including-

Restaurant consulting, project management, new concept openings, talent acquisition, financials (including budgeting and P&L construction and analysis), menu planning, special event planning and training,  professional development and advising. 


Branding and Logo Design-Create a mark  for your company with a memorable and effective visual identity.

Print-Brochures, business cards, postcards and just about anything that can be created when you put ink on paper.

Promotional- Embroidered shirts, bottle openers, pens, towels. Add your art and it becomes a long lasting marketing tool.

Environmental- Signage, trade show items, vinyl banners, window promotions, and a variety of large format presentations.

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