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Sherri Verret Segari has a solid background in events, sales, marketing automation, public relations, media relations, employee recruitment, business consulting and fresh graphics/web design.  Sherri is detail oriented and has strong interpersonal skills.  She is a powerful advocate for  all of her clients and is dedicated to helping each client achieve their goals. 

Hannah Ruby Segari is a talented artist skilled in graphic and web design.  She attends Sam Houston State University with special focus on Consumer Behavior, Professional Selling, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Research, and Strategic Marketing Management.  Through this, Hannah is challenged to explore her own creative and cultural expectations and boundaries. She portrays excellent analytical skills in problem-solving and divergent thinking, while working towards technical proficiency and confidence.


"Sherri is a very dedicated team member.  She is professional, detailed-oriented and always goes above and beyond. She has built great relationships with her clients".

Lisa Oberg

The Greater Philadelphia Area

"Sherri is a very detail-oriented individual who can always be counted on to follow through and regularly exceeds expectations.  She has a high work ethic, excellent communication, and is very diplomatic.  She has developed strong relationships with her colleagues and clients and it is a pleasure to work with her".

Leslie Noyes

Phoenix, AZ

"I've worked with Sherri for several years, and have always found her to be extremely professional. The job she has is quite difficult, and yet she is always upbeat and positive. She really knows what she's doing, and is especially adept at client service. I would not hesitate to put her in front of any clients who demand and deserve the absolute best. Our clients love working with her, and so do I".

Barbara Limmer

Phoenix, AZ

"Sherri always has a positive disposition on life and therefore is wonderful at what she does. She relates to you, identifies your strengths, keeps you in a positive frame of mind and makes you excel. She is someone that you can confide in as you face difficult challenges".

Dave Moriuchi

Hilo, Hawaii

"Sherri has the ability to multi-task and oversee several key areas of production making her an essential part of any team. We appreciate all of the extra hours she provided in an effort to deal with last-minute changes that were critical to production efforts. Her outstanding administrative, organizational and production skills have allowed me to access her on several levels and have proved to be very helpful to the overall outcome of our company projects."

Alejandra Barrera

Houston, Texas

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